Ferrari 250 TR - Swadlincote Festival of transport.

I wasnt  quite sure what to expect at the Swadlicote Festival of Transport, although I had heared great report from lots of people who had been last year.
I was not disapointed. I arrived about 09:30 having been told be there early 'cause it will be very busy not only with vehicles on didsplay but also as the day goes on there will be a lot of people.
They were not wrong, cars, trucks and bikes, were already in place with a steady stream of the above continuing to pour in.

There was so much to see and do, even a display of brids of pray and very large snakes which you could have your photo taken with. 

Fortunatley these two were kept a good distance apart.

Ferrari 250 TR Swadlincote Festival of Transport 2014
                                                                                  A snap shot of the admires of the TR.
 Ferrari 250 TR 2 Swalincote Festival of Transport 2014

I understand this is only the second time the SFoT has been held, with the number of vehicles on display and the enormous visitors you would think it had been going for many years.

There was a steady stream of both sexes and all ages admiring the TR, many of whom I had the opportunity to talk with.

Everyone has their own storey to tell, including the young man who had his bedroom walls covered with photographs of Ferraris.   

Well, imagine my surprise when I was informed I'd been voted best Car in Show!

I now have lovey trophy and certificate to proove it. Thank you to all who voted for my 250 - I understand it was unanimous.                                                             

A very happy and surprised owner, I had not realised there was any sort of competition.  



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