Ferrari 250 TR - Gelsmoor Inn - 11th June 2013.

As there are a few photographs of the TR on this website at the Gelsmoor, I decided on something different this month, so I have chosen this gorgeous Rolls Royce Silver Ghost I captured on 11th.

Although I haven't driven a Ghost I have driven  several Phantom 1's which I would imagine are similar.

     I remember the gear changes are slow, and on the down change the need to double de-clutch - no synchromesh. The cable brakes are assisted by a mechanical servo driven from the gearbox.

The Queens Silver Jubilee was celebrate by the RREC in 1977 by visiting the Queen at Windsor Castle, which, I was privileged to take part in driving my favorite, a barrel sided P1 tourer.  

RR Ghost Gelsmoor Inn
RR P1 Windsor Castle The Queens silver Jubille 1977

Since writing the above I found a photograph of the Rolls Royce Phantom 1. Seen here traveling on the Long Walk on our way up to Windsor Castle and then on into the Quadrangle.

It seemed like an eternity while we waited at Ascot Race Course for the Rolls before us to make their way past HRH The queen. I remember thinking how she must be feeling standing, watching and waiting for some 500 vintage Rolls Royce to pass by.

What a fabulous and unique opportunity I had.   


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